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Wuxi Jiashan Cold Bending Steel Co., Ltd. is located in  NO. 30 jingshengroad, qianqiao industrial park, wuxi, Jiangsu province,China.It specialized in the production of solar photovoltaic stents, seismic stents, C, U, Z section steel, Angle steel, guide rail or track, deformed steel and so on all kinds of cold bending strut channel.Company has many sets of cold bending steel machine, automatic punching machine, semi-automatic punching machine, welding equipment, cutting machine, etc., so we can provide products’ forming, cutting, punching, welding, surface treatment (hot dip zinc, galvanized, electric galvanized, spray painting). Products are mainly used in solar photovoltaic power generation, storage shelves, highway guardrail, mobile scaffold, the automotive industry, power tower, etc.

Wuxi JiaShan Cold Bending Steel Co., LTD.  covers an area of 1500 mu, formed the purchase material, production, cutting, punching, packaging, shipping a industrial chain.Company has the cold bending forming machine 4 sets, automatic punching machine 3 units, manual punch 10 units, cutting machine 3 units.Company will give top priority to product quality, the products are recognized from different countries customer .